Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  1. Privacy
  2. Bonuses
  3. Depositing
  4. Cashing out
  5. Technical
  6. Reward Point Program
  7. General Information
  8. Tournament FAQ’s

  1. Privacy

    • How does protect my Privacy? utilizes the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure that sensitive data is transferred securely over the internet to our secure server, which is protected by the latest firewall. This means that your personal information is kept confidential and secure and is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes. For more information please click on the link below:

    • Who is the governing body of is a wholly owned subsidiary of NG international Ltd., a Malta based company. NG International Ltd. Is a fully licensed operator (LGA/CL4/400/2007) under the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

    • Why do I have to send my documents?

      We would like to stress that the documentation we ask for in cases of a withdrawal request is for your protection as well as being an industry standard and a onetime inconvenience. We are also required to make sure that the money is being sent to the correct person.

      The copy of your photo ID is required to prove you are of legal age to play on our site and the Credit card copy is needed for the proof of use, date of expiration, name of owner and the numbers of the card (only the last 4 numbers needed). All the credit card companies that we accept on the site require that we obtain a copy of the card that was being utilized.

      We are a large, veteran and most of all legal gaming company and there is a reason that we have been in the market for so long; we always pay out. Your documents are kept and received in the highest discreet manner. Once we have saved the above documentation in your account, future cash out requests should be approved with no expected delays. (PCI Certificate)

    • How do I know if is playing fair?

      Fair play is the base that we stand on. is committed to providing fair play at all times, and we understand the importance of explaining how this is achieved:

      We here at offer a 1 in 3 statistic. This is a statistic that is guaranteed on our website but on a large scale over all of our players and is verified independently by Itech labs in order for us to obtain our gaming license. Some people will win more than 1 in 3 and some less and that is how we create our winners; however 1 in 3 is the guaranteed average. (Itech labs certificate)

      Still need help? Contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team

  2. Bonuses

    • How do I receive my Free Bonus?

      To receive the free bonus follow these steps:

      1. Sign up to with your new practice account.
      2. Click on the "SWITCH TO REAL MONEY PLAY" button on the centre of the screen.
      3. Fill in the registration form for your new real money account.
      4. Follow the instructions that follow.

    • How can I get my 100% match up bonus?

      The 100% matchup bonus is something that offers to all its new players. To claim this bonus all you need to do is make your first deposit of a minimum of $10.

    • Why did I not receive my bonus?

      As all our promotions run to GMT time it may be possible that the time in your location is not the same and therefore the promotion has ended. Feel free to contact our friendly support team to find out about any other current promotions or offers.

      As per our terms and conditions, we would like to remind that any accounts that have pending cash out requests remaining will not receive any promotional bonuses.

      Players have the ability to request bonuses to be disallowed and should this have been done in the past no bonuses will be added to this account. To check or change this, please contact our friendly customer support.

      Still need help? Contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team

  3. Depositing

  4. Cashing out

    • How can I withdraw my winnings?

      Once you would like to Cashout your winnings all you will need to do is:

      1. Click on 'Cashier' in the lobby.
      2. Click on 'Cashout'.
      3. Choose one of the cashout methods for withdrawing your winnings and fill in the required information.
      4. Click on the 'Cashout Request' button and your cashout will be sent to processing and then refunded in accordance with your selected cashout method.

      You may now check your Cashout history, by clicking on the 'My history' button and choosing 'Cashier History' report.

      Cashout requests by the same method within 24 hours may be combined in one payment.

    • Can I cancel my Cashout request?

      Cashout requests are processed within 48 hours from the date of request. During this time you may cancel your Cashout request from within the 'Awaiting Process' box in the Cashier and return it to your balance.

      1. Go into the Cashier.
      2. Click on the "Pending Cashout" button on your left.
      3. Click on the Transaction you would like to cancel.
      4. Press on the "Transfer Money Back to Your Account" button located at the bottom.
      5. The Funds will now be transferred back into your account.

      After 48 hours the status of your cashout request will change to 'Processing' and you will no longer be able to cancel it. You will be notified by email when your cashout request is delivered and the money is sent to you according to the method you chose.

    • I am trying to withdraw my winnings and I get a message saying "Cashout is not allowed at this stage", Why?

      In order to cashout at you must first make at least one deposit. For all deposits received from micro SMS and Micro phone, you will only be able to cashout after you have wagered 5 times your total deposits using these deposit methods. Bonuses, winnings or deposits may only be cashed out after you have wagered 35 times the total bonuses received (wagers made with the FREE 5 will not be counted). For further information, please click on the following link Bonus Policy Requirements

    • How long do I have to wait to receive my winnings?

      Cashout requests are processed 48 hours from the date of request.

      The following is a summary of the Cashout process:

      • If you have chosen the Bank Draft option you can expect the bank draft to be delivered within the next 5-7 business days by mail;
      • If you have chosen wire transfer for your preferred method the expectancy is 3-5 business days;
      • If you have chosen Visa you can expect your winnings within 3-5 business days;
      • If you have chosen Solo, Switch or Maestro you can expect your winnings within 3-5 business days;
      • If you have chosen Netteler or MoneyBookers you can check your account right away to see your winnings.
      • If you have chosen click2pay you can check your account to see your winnings within 24 business hours.

      * Please be advised that your personal details should be authentic on the web site in order to receive your money within the above allocated times.

      If this time limit expires please Contact Us as soon as possible so that we can investigate this matter for you!

      Still need help? Contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team

  5. Technical

    • Where can I find complete detailed help on all the games?

      Press on the Help button (?) in any game to learn how to play it. This will give you detailed instructions and explanations on how to play the game the Prize amounts and Odds.

      For any additional Help click on the following link: HELP

    • What do I do if I have forgotten my Username and Password?

      1. If you are unable to enter your account and you have forgotten your password, please follow these 3 simple steps:
        1. Click on "Help", located in the top right corner of the Home Page.
        2. Click on "Forgot Password Information".
        3. Enter your Username or e-mail address (the same email address you used to register to the site).

      2. If you are unable to log in to your account with your username or password, please follow these simple steps:
        1. Click on the "Forgot Password" link, located in the login page.
        2. Fill in either your Username or Email address in the appropriate fields and click on the "Submit" button.

      Your username and password will then be sent to your e-mail address. (This information is private and secure; please ensure that you are the only person who has access to these details).

    • How do I change my Password?

      1. Log into the site with your existing Username and Password.
      2. Click on the 'Cashier' tab then on the 'Deposit' link.
      3. Once you are in the Deposit page you will find a link on the left hand side that says 'View your account Details'- click on that link.
      4. Once you are in the 'Update Details' page click on the 'Change Password' link and fill in the relevant fields and press 'Change'.

    • What should I do if I feel there is a discrepancy between game result and winning?

      The best way to check the card you just played is by replaying the card from your game history or sending a Screen shot of the card you played to with a short description of the issue you believe you experienced and the time and date which you played the card.

    • How do I send a screen shot of the card I played?

      In order to send a screen shot, please follow these steps:

      1. Make sure the screen you need to copy is the open window.
      2. Press the "PrtScn" key located on the top right corner of your keyboard.
      3. Open a new email in outlook or click on composes for a new email message (in hotmail or yahoo for example).
      4. In order to paste the screen shot onto the new email: press Ctrl+V.
      5. Send the email.

      Still need help? Contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team

  6. Reward Point Program

    • What are Reward Points?

      1. Reward Points are another way for PrimeScratchCards to reward our loyal players.

      2. Registered PrimeScratchCards Real Money players earn Reward Points as they play.

      3. Once players reach a certain number of Reward Points they are eligible to redeem these Reward Points for Bonus Money

    • How do players register for Reward Points?

      1. All Real Money players are automatically registered to earn Reward Points upon making their first deposit into their Real Money account.

      2. Earning Reward Points does not cost players any extra money.

      3. Earning Reward Points is mandatory, but redemption is optional.

    • How do players earn Reward Points?

      1. Reward Points are awarded automatically, based on Real Money wagers and recent player activity.

      2. Standard Earning Rate is 1 Reward Point for every $20 wagered.

      3. The number of Reward Points awarded per bet will depend on the game and/or type of bet placed by the player.

      4. Reward Points cannot be earned on Black Jack or Roulette games, and only 30% of the standard Reward Points earning rate will be awarded for Video Poker games.

      5. Reward Points may be awarded for special promotions or as gifts from PrimeScratchCards.

      6. Reward Points cannot be earned through practice mode play.

    • How do players redeem Reward Points?

      1. Once players have accumulated the minimum number of Points, they can redeem these for Bonus Money [add link to Bonus Money definition page].

      2. Bonus Money redemption is done from the cashier section of the PrimeScratchCards site.

      3. The Bonus Money amount must be more than or equal to the minimum number allowed for players’ current Reward Level and equal to or less than the maximum number allowed for the players’ current Reward Level.

      4. Redeemed Bonus Money will be added to players’ game account.

      5. Redeemed Reward Points will be deducted from players’ Reward Points balance, but not from the Total Reward Points.

      6. Promotional Points awarded as prizes cannot be exchanged for an alternative cash value.

      7. Redeemed Reward Points can then be cashed out, providing standard cashout criteria are met.

      8. Redeemed Points will be subject to standard bonus wagering requirements. See Bonus Policy for more details.

      9. Maximum redemption of Reward Points per month is calculated as follows: $100

    • What are Total Reward Points?

      1. Once players reach a certain number of Total Reward Points, their accounts will be automatically upgraded to the next Reward Level.

      2. Each new Reward Level will provide enhanced redemption rates for Reward Points.

      3. Total Reward Points are awarded at the same time and rate as Reward Points.

      4. Total Reward Points are calculated on players’ lifetime activity.

      5. Total Reward Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

      6. VIP Level is by invitation only.

    • Is there a validity period?

      1. Total Reward Points balances are based on lifetime activity and do not expire.

      2. Reward Points will expire after 6 months of inactivity. A minimum of $1 deposited per month will keep an account active.

    • What happens to the Reward Level and Reward Points in the event of account closure?

      1. If a player chooses to close their PrimeScratchCards account, they will forfeit their Reward Level and lose all Reward Points associated with that account.

      2. Reward Points and Reward Levels cannot be transferred to another account.

      3. In the event of account closure by PrimeScratchCards for any reason, Reward Levels and Reward Points will be forfeited.

    • Mobile Games information

      1. It is possible to earn Reward Points on the Mobile platform as well as through web games on PrimeScratchCards.

      2. PrimeScratchCards Mobile Players earn points in exactly the same way, but will need to access their web accounts to check their Reward Points balances and redeem Reward Points.

  7. General Information

    • Why Can't I play in Practice mode anymore?

      When you first open a Practice account you have 250 Practice Scratch cards to play with. If you continue to play in Practice mode and you have used up all of your 250 'Practice' Scratch cards, you will need to deposit a minimum of $10 in a Real Money account, which will then give you the ability to play with another 250 'Practice' Scratch cards.

      If you have opened up a Real Money account and you have not played with all of your 'Practice' Scratch cards, you may switch back to Practice Mode at any time and play them, however; once you have played all you're 'Practice' Scratch cards you are not issued any more 'Practice' cards unless you make a minimum deposit of $10.

    • Why is it that I am not allowed to open up a Real Money account because of the country that I reside in?

      For some of our clients their country of residence does not permit their citizens to play with real money. We are very happy for those of you who cannot join us with a Real money account to enjoy from our site with a Practice account.

    • How do I become a member of Club Pearl?

      In order to receive a Club Pearl invitation we will have to assess how often you have logged into your account, how much you have spent on your account and how long you have been a member with us .We would like to encourage you to remain loyal to us at and we guarantee you that a Club Pearl manager will contact you as soon as you reach Club Pearl status.

    • How can I unsubscribe?

      We will be very sorry to see you leave our amazing site and urge you to reconsider before you take the big step in leaving us, we are happy to leave your account open for you and let you come back and visit us at your leisure. However if you feel that you need to close your account please contact us and let us know why you would like to leave us and we will be in contact with you.

    • What currencies am I able to play within the site? offers players 4 currencies in which to wager:

      1. $ - US Dollars
      2. € - Euro
      3. £ - British pounds
      4. Kr - Kroner (DKK,NOK,SEK)

      These are the only available currencies on the site, thus if you are depositing with a currency other than what is mentioned above and you make a cashout request your winnings will be converted to your currency at the exchange rate of the day.

    • Can I invite my friends and will I receive my bonus?

      Yes, yet in order to qualify you must have a real money account that you have funded with a minimum of $25 (this does not include bonus money). Once your friend joins our site and makes his or her own deposit of $25, you will be rewarded with your own $25 bonus. We believe in spreading the wealth...

    • What does GMT mean?

      GMT is an abreviation of Greenwish Mean Time which is the international time, the basis of the world time clock. It is used to refer to Coordinated Universal Time when this is viewed as a time zone.

      Please note that all of our promotions run according to GMT time. We indicate the times in which the promotions run between.

      If you are unsure of the GMT time and it's relation to your country/time zone please click on the following link:

  8. Tournament FAQ’s

Still need help? Contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team

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